How to keep Your Dog Stylish and Warm during Winter

Scrolling through Instagram you may have notice all the winter selfies filling up your feed. You can’t help but want to go outside with man’s best friend and join in the fun! From the window this seems like a great idea, but Europe has been hit with record low temperatures, especially in the north where it dips below zero too often.

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Many dog owners are concerned about their dogs getting cold in this icy weather that can leave their pooches trembling, especially those who have small or short haired dogs. Usually these breeds can benefit from a warm sweater, cozy fleece jumper or a windproof coat so they can brave the freezing temperatures. Even just a sweater could make your pet feel snug when they’re out and about or chilling around the house.

While clothing protects your mutt from rain, snow and the cold, it’s got 
to be cute too, right? 

Yes! Although there is some canine clothing on the market there can often be a lack of variety. Luckily some brands create products that incorporate the 3 main things Allwaggers strive for, practicality, quality and style. We’ve saved you the strife and handpicked the best products from all around the globe so your pooch can be cosy and stylin’ this winter (and you get to take really awesome pictures of them).
Need some inspiration? Look no further than a raincoat. A huge trend we’ll see in 2018 for humans (think Valentino 2018 Spring Collection), why not spread the love to your pup. Perfect for city sprints or country strolls. Though who could miss out on stylish sweaters and comfy fleece jumpers? We‘ve selected a range, all high quality and made with love, fitting for any fashionable fido. Here are few outfit ideas that will keep your dog warm and stand out amongst other average animals. Now is your chance to find a style to compete with your own, to give your pooch extra flair and keep them looking cool (but not chilly). Find more about all this clothing here at Allwaggers.

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dog sweater
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Too often our daily dog walks are totally ruined by winter weather, but no more with hugely arising trendy dog clothing. If one of these is not yet in your puppies closet, you can surprise him with a practical and stylish gift like this. More at

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